On Friday 14th April the Keswick Mountain rescue team was already dealing with an injured woman on Cat Gills when they got another call about another incident, this time on the path up Helvellyn from Swirls car park.

It’s never a quiet day in the Lake District for the team and some of the team that was dealing with the incident on Cat Gill and was diverted to this new incident.

Keswick MRT helping injured woman on the path up Helvellyn from Swirls car park
Image Source: keswickmrt.org.uk

The Keswick Mountain rescue team was alerted to the second incident at 3:21 on Friday.   

The team made their way up to the casualty and after giving her pain relief the ankle was splinted.

The team said “she was stretchered down to the car park where her walking group took her to hospital in their own transport.”

In total the incident took 1 hour and 34 minutes to get the woman back to her car.

Injured woman being carried down
Image Source: keswickmrt.org.uk
Injured woman on stretcher
Image Source: keswickmrt.org.uk

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