Robinsons Caravans: A Legacy in Limbo After Administration

In a surprising turn of events, the once-thriving Chesterfield-based Robinsons Caravans has entered administration, leaving a legacy of over half a century in jeopardy. David Robinson, former director and part of the family duo that owned the company, breaks his silence on the matter, providing insight into the caravan dealer’s unfortunate downturn.

The Sale and Subsequent Struggles:

David Robinson detailed the 2019 sale of Robinsons Caravans to Paul Seabridge, a transaction that was supposed to secure the company’s future. However, the agreement quickly faltered as Seabridge failed to keep up with the payment plan, leading to the involvement of MBH Corporation. This shift saw the company’s debt transferred to a bond, with hopes for a revival pinned on the corporation’s broader resources.

The Shock of Administration:

The news of Robinsons Caravans’ administration came as a shock to many, including Robinson himself, who discovered the company’s fate through media reports rather than official channels. This revelation was particularly startling given the company’s strong financial standing at the time of sale, boasting £4m in unencumbered assets and a profitable track record dating back to its founding in 1963.

The Impact on the Community:

The administration has had a tangible impact on the local community, with the Chesterfield dealership’s closure resulting in the loss of 16 jobs. While some parts of the business were salvaged through a sale to Storebon Holdings Limited, part of the Couplands Caravans group, the future of Robinsons Caravans remains uncertain. The preservation of 17 jobs at Golden Castle Caravans offers a small consolation amidst the broader upheaval.

Looking Forward:

As the administration process unfolds, David Robinson expresses his deep regret for the employees, customers, and suppliers affected by the company’s decline. He also voices his anticipation for the administrators’ investigation into the events that led to the current situation since his departure in 2019.


The story of Robinsons Caravans serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges facing family-owned businesses in today’s economic climate. As the community awaits further developments, the legacy of Robinsons Caravans hangs in the balance, with many hoping for a resolution that honors the company’s rich history and contributions to the caravan and motorhome industry.

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