Daring Rescue on Monte Mondolè: Climbers Saved from Icy Precipice

In a remarkable display of courage and skill, three climbers were successfully rescued from the treacherous slopes of Monte Mondolè in Italy, after finding themselves in a perilous situation early Saturday morning.

The Rescue Operation:

The climbers, who had ventured up the mountain, found themselves stranded at an altitude of 2,300 meters (approximately 7,500 feet), unable to proceed or retreat due to the icy conditions.

Italy’s fire service was alerted to the climbers’ plight and swiftly launched a rescue operation.

Utilising a helicopter to reach the vicinity of the stranded climbers, the rescue team then employed ice axes to navigate the frozen gully that had ensnared the adventurers. This challenging approach was necessary due to the rugged and icy terrain that made conventional rescue methods impractical.

Safe Recovery:

Despite the inherent dangers of the rescue operation, the fire service team managed to reach the climbers and ensure their safe return from the mountain. Remarkably, all three climbers were reported to be in good health following their ordeal, a testament to the swift and efficient response of the rescuers.


The successful rescue of the climbers from Monte Mondolè serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable and often hazardous nature of mountain climbing, especially in icy conditions. It also highlights the bravery and expertise of rescue teams who put themselves in harm’s way to save others. This incident underscores the importance of preparation and caution in all mountain expeditions, ensuring that the beauty and challenge of such environments can be enjoyed safely.

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