Keswick MRT carrying down an injured woman

Injured woman saved by Mountain rescue in the Lake District

Keswick Mountain Rescue was called out to aid a woman who had injured her ankle while descending the rocky path of Cat Gill on Walla Crag.

On Friday 14th of April, the Keswick Mountain rescue team was called out to reports of an injured woman.

The woman who had been walking with her partner in the Lake District was given assistance by a member of the Edale MR team who happened to be passing by. 

The Keswick MRT made the short climb up the path and after assessing and splinting the ankle she was stretched down to the Great Wood car park.

Keswick MRT carrying down an injured woman
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The team was called out at 2:36pm on the 14th of April. In total 23 members were called out and the incident lasted for 1 hour 17 minutes.

A team said, “As another shower rolled in the team made use of the Fell & Bean pop up coffee shop awning while waiting for the ambulance.”

The Keswick team said: “Many thanks to the owner who provided ‘on the house’ coffee to the team. Much appreciated.” 

It’s always good to thank the hard working mountain rescue teams across the country. 

Free hot drinks given to Keswick MRT team
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Keswick MRT helping injured woman
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