Edale Mountain Rescue Team responds to dual call-out

Incident 50 – Monday 1st May 2023, 15:51hrs

Edale Mountain Rescue Team found themselves facing a double call-out on Monday afternoon. As the team was dealing with the injured climber near the Millstone Edge area, they received another request for assistance from Yorkshire Ambulance Service. This time, it was a mountain biker who had taken a fall in Ecclesall Woods and was having a seizure.

Image Source: Edale MRT

“As some team members were being diverted from the first incident to assist, we received an update from Yorkshire Ambulance Service informing us that our assistance was no longer required and that their ambulance crew had managed to drive down the track to the injured biker,” said a spokesperson for the team.

Fortunately, the ambulance crew was able to reach the injured biker, and the team was stood down shortly after. It was another example of the importance of the close cooperation between emergency services.

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