Killin Mountain Rescue Team Holds Training Session for Bracklin Falls Evacuation

Killin Mountain Rescue Team recently conducted a training session focused on evacuating casualties from the Bracklin Falls area in Callander. Despite its beauty, the area is known to be a hotspot for accidents.

During the training, new recruits got to witness skills and techniques they hadn’t seen before, while existing members received a refresher course. The team practiced rigging for rescue using mirrored twin line rescue systems, delegation of specific roles, the role of an edge attendant, hauling and pulley systems, the use of deviations for gorge rescues, releasable and recoverable abseiling, and horizontal and vertical stretcher lowering and raising.

Image Source: Killin Mountain Rescue Team

“For some of the new recruits, this was the first time they had seen these types of skills and techniques operating in this area. For other members, it was a refresher and an update to prepare us should we need to respond to an incident in the area,” said the Killin Mountain Rescue Team on their Facebook page.

The team comprises individuals from a variety of backgrounds. During the training, the team was grateful to have the skills of team member Davy, who is an experienced rope technician and trainer with Scottish Fire and Rescue.

Image Source: Killin Mountain Rescue Team

The training session concluded with a final check to ensure no one was left behind on the ledges. The Killin Mountain Rescue Team is dedicated to providing the best possible response to incidents in the area and is always prepared to improve their skills to better serve their community.

Image Source: Killin Mountain Rescue Team

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