Coniston MRT called out to missing walker

On Monday 17th April, Coniston Mountain rescue got a call from Cumbria police about a missing walker on the Yewdale Fells in the Lake District.

The call came through at 6:18pm from a group of friends who had lost contact with one of their group members whilst out for a hike.

Luckily while the team was assembling at the base, a call came through to say the missing walker had made contact with the main walking group and the team was stood down.

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In total 11 team members were involved and the incident lasted for 25 minutes.

This was Coniston 23rd call out of 2023 and probably will be one of the easiest they have to deal with all year.

Having a good phone with decent battery life is always recommended for each member of a hiking group in case you get split up so that contact can easily be made between each other.

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