a view of Sulby Claddagh on the Isle of Man

TT campsite prices increase by 6 fold

A campsite which is popular with Isle of Man TT visitors are increasing the price of permits. The permits will cost six times as much as last year. 

The Sulby Claddagh campsite hadn’t planned to open in 2023 due to rising costs, but after a public backlash the government reversed that decision.

But a season pass, which had cost £16 in 2022, will now cost £100

Michelle Haywood MHK of the environment department said the hike would allow the site to be run on a “cost neutral basis” from May to September.

Ballamoar owners, which is a nearby campsite, are to take over the operation of campsite for the 2023 season, but anyone wanting to stay at Sulby Claddagh must still secure a permit via the government before booking. 

a view of Sulby Claddagh on the Isle of Man
a view of Sulby Claddagh on the Isle of Man - Image Source: MANX SCENES

‘Unfortunate consequence’


The government previously said the site had been “hit by rising costs” and was running at a “significant loss”.

However, concerns were raised by businesses and local residents about the loss of revenue the site closure could cause. 

Dr Haywood said, after listening to public opinion, it was “agreed to find a solution that allowed the site to operate on a cost neutral basis”.

The “unfortunate consequence” of that was a significant rise in the cost of a permit, which would ensure running costs were “fully funded by the users and not from limited department funds”, she added. 

Dr Haywood said although the increase would seem “very large to some”, a six-week consultation on how the site should be used in future had also been launched.

The survey, which asks for opinions on who should run the site, how often the site was used, and whether the facilities should included features like showers and fire pits. The consultation is available online until 26 May.

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