Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team Swiftly Aids Injured Walker and His Dog

In a recent operation, the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) provided timely assistance to an injured walker and his dog in Cumbria.

The walker, who had suffered an ankle injury during his descent, found himself unable to walk and getting cold, prompting an urgent call for help.

Utilising an iPhone satellite emergency call, he was able to alert the authorities to his precarious situation approximately halfway up towards Wind Gap.

The mountain rescue team with the dog (Image: Wasdale MRT)

Responding swiftly to the call received from Cumbria Police, the Wasdale MRT initiated a full callout.

Thanks to the team members’ readiness and quick departure from their base, they were able to locate the walker and his canine companion without delay.

Contrary to initial reports, the walker had managed a slow descent off the fell by the time the rescue team spotted his single head torch from Wasdale Head.

After a brief assessment to ensure the walker’s well-being, the rescue team escorted him and his dog back to Wasdale Head, where the operation was successfully concluded, and the team stood down.

This incident highlights the critical role of mountain rescue teams in providing assistance to those in distress in remote areas, as well as the effectiveness of modern technology in facilitating swift rescues.

The Wasdale MRT’s prompt response and the happy outcome of this rescue operation underscore the invaluable service they provide to the community and outdoor enthusiasts in Cumbria.

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