Kingussie Photographer Donates £1,072 to Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team

Ed Smith, a celebrated mountain photographer from Kingussie, has generously donated £1,072 to the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT), a gesture made possible through the sales of his acclaimed “Northern Cairngorms” collection. Smith, who has spent considerable time in the mountains capturing the stunning landscapes of the Northern Cairngorms, pledged £2 from each sale of his book towards the rescue team.

Ed (left) hands over more than £1000 to the heroes of the hill. With him are, from left, Conor Cromie Brian Fishpool and Gemma Munro

The donation was presented to CMRT members Conor Cromie, Brian Fishpool, and Gemma Munro, marking a significant contribution to the team renowned for their dedication and bravery.

Smith expressed his deep appreciation for the volunteers’ commitment, highlighting the challenging conditions they face to ensure the safety of others in one of the UK’s most demanding mountain environments.

Smith’s “Northern Cairngorms” not only showcases the breathtaking beauty of the region but also embodies his respect and gratitude towards the CMRT.

His ongoing fundraising efforts will continue to support the team, reflecting his belief in the importance of giving back to those who safeguard the well-being of mountain enthusiasts.

The photographer’s initiative serves as a reminder of the vital role played by the CMRT and the broader community’s support in ensuring their operations can continue.

Smith’s contribution underscores the collective responsibility to appreciate and preserve the natural beauty of the Cairngorms while supporting those who protect it.

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