Cairngorm and Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Teams Collaborate in Ice Slip Rescue

In a display of teamwork and swift action, the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) was called into action following an incident where a male sustained a lower leg injury due to a slip on ice.

Before the CMRT’s arrival, the injured individual received preliminary treatment from members of the Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team (@kirkbystephenmrt), showcasing the collaborative spirit among mountain rescue teams.

The incident, which occurred 18 hours ago, saw the two teams working together to ensure the safety and well-being of the injured party.

After receiving initial care, the CMRT took over to stretcher the individual back to the safety of the ski area car park, demonstrating the critical role these teams play in providing emergency assistance in challenging conditions.

This operation highlights the dangers posed by icy conditions in mountainous areas and the importance of being prepared for sudden slips and falls.

It also underscores the invaluable service provided by mountain rescue teams, who are ready to respond to emergencies and offer skilled assistance to those in need.

The successful collaboration between the Cairngorm and Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Teams serves as a reminder of the community and support present within the mountain rescue network, ensuring that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the beauty of the UK’s mountainous regions with the reassurance that help is available in times of distress.

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