Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team Announces Closing Date for Search & Rescue Member Applications

The Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team (Cleveland MRT) has issued a reminder that the application process for individuals wishing to join as Search & Rescue members is drawing to a close in the coming weeks.

This call to action encourages those interested in contributing to life-saving operations and community safety to step forward and be part of a dedicated team.

Prospective applicants are urged to visit the Cleveland MRT’s official website for comprehensive details on the application process, including timescales and the specific requirements candidates must meet.

The team emphasises the importance of reading the provided information thoroughly to ensure applicants fully understand the commitment and skills required for the role.

Joining the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team offers individuals a unique opportunity to engage in challenging yet rewarding work, providing crucial support to those in distress within the community and its surrounding areas.

The team is looking for committed, capable individuals ready to undergo rigorous training and contribute to the vital service they provide.

This announcement serves as an important reminder for those considering a role in mountain rescue to act promptly and ensure their applications are submitted before the deadline.

The Cleveland MRT is keen to welcome new members who share their dedication to helping others and are prepared to meet the demands of search and rescue operations.

For more information on how to apply and to understand the role’s requirements, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Cleveland MRT’s website at, where they can find all necessary details to proceed with their application.

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