Thirlmere Reservoir Footpath Reopens to Walkers in the Lake District

In a welcome development for outdoor enthusiasts, the popular footpath near Thirlmere reservoir in the Lake District has been reopened to walkers.

The path, which had been closed since 2021 due to safety concerns following storm damage, is now accessible again, much to the delight of the local walking community.

The closure of the footpath on the western side of Thirlmere reservoir was initially implemented over fears of rock-fall from Rough Crag, a 100-meter high crag sitting directly above the West Road.

This had forced walkers, cyclists, and horse riders to use the busy A591 on the lake’s eastern side, raising concerns about safety and the enjoyment of the area’s natural beauty.

The reopening follows a successful petition signed by over 11,000 people advocating for the path’s restoration.

United Utilities, responsible for the footpath, has issued a caution to users.

While surveys have given reassurance that the footpath is now safe, there remains a risk of rockfall in the vicinity of Rough Crag.

The company has placed signage along the footpath, warning pedestrians to be vigilant.

The signs advise that the path is narrow, with uneven ground conditions, and can be slippery, especially in adverse weather conditions.

The reopening of the footpath allows walkers to complete a scenic 10-mile loop around the reservoir.

However, cyclists are still prohibited from using the path. United Utilities is actively working on a project to secure the safety of the Rough Crag area, which involves the removal of trees and debris and rock pinning to prevent future rockfalls.

This development is a significant step towards enhancing the outdoor experience in one of the Lake District’s most picturesque locations.

The Thirlmere reservoir, known for its tranquil setting and stunning views, is a popular destination for walkers and nature lovers.

The restored access to the footpath is expected to attract more visitors to the area, boosting local tourism and providing a much-needed escape for those seeking to enjoy the natural beauty of the Lake District.

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