Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team Aids Unwell Walker at Greenhow Plantation

On the 19th of January 2024, the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) swiftly responded to a call for assistance at Greenhow Plantation, east of Clay Bank.

The emergency involved a man who became unwell while on a walking expedition.

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust reached out to CMRT at lunchtime following reports of the man’s deteriorating condition.

CMRT members were promptly dispatched to the location. Utilising the advanced mountain rescue Phone Find system, they accurately pinpointed the man’s position.

By the time the rescue team arrived, the man had managed to make his way to a nearby farm on lower ground, accompanied by his walking group.

The CMRT, in coordination with the ambulance service, directed their Land Rover crew to the farm.

Upon arrival, it was evident that the man had improved but still required medical attention. The ambulance crew took over, providing necessary assessment and treatment.

The CMRT, having ensured the man’s safety, withdrew from the scene.

The operation saw the involvement of eleven CMRT members and lasted approximately 1.5 hours, concluding with the team’s Land Rover returning to base.

The incident highlights the crucial role of mountain rescue teams in providing timely assistance in remote areas and the effectiveness of coordinated efforts between different emergency services.

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