Hayling Billy Trail Set for Major Upgrade: A Boost for Cyclists and Walkers

Hampshire, UK – The renowned Hayling Billy Trail, a cherished route for outdoor enthusiasts in Hampshire, is poised for a significant transformation.

Hampshire County Council has announced plans to upgrade the disused railway line into an all-weather trail, enhancing the experience for both cyclists and walkers.

The Hayling Billy Trail, which connects the centre of Havant to the south of Hayling Island, forms an integral part of the Shipwrights Way from Farnham to Portsmouth.

It also serves as a segment of the ambitious National Cycle Network 2, a future route stretching from Dover to Cornwall.

This development comes as a boon to the outdoor community, particularly those frequenting family campsites in the area.

The upgrade promises to make the trail more accessible, allowing for a broader range of bicycles, including those not specifically designed for rugged terrain.

This means families can enjoy the scenic route with standard bikes, making it an ideal destination for casual cyclists and walkers.

Countryside Councillor Russell Oppenheimer, who approved the project, highlighted the benefits of the upgrade.

“One of the good things is that you will be able to go on the trail with more types of bike – you won’t necessarily need a mountain bike because the surface will be much better,” he said.

The project, estimated to cost around £600,000, is funded by the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund scheme.

The council’s plan includes creating an all-weather surface between 2.5m and 3m wide, suitable for both walkers and cyclists. Additionally, a separate unsurfaced bridle path will be constructed.

Environmental considerations are at the forefront of this project.

Work is scheduled to commence in the summer to avoid disturbing the nationally important populations of over-wintering birds in the area.

The Hayling Billy Trail upgrade is not just an infrastructure project; it’s a step towards enhancing outdoor recreational activities in Hampshire.

With its improved accessibility and all-weather capability, the trail is set to become a year-round attraction for families, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts.

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