Lomond MRT Called to Conic Hill Accident, Maritime and Coastguard Agency R199 Provides Timely Assistance

Lomond Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) received a call on May 7th at 13:16 about an accident on Conic Hill. The team responded promptly, with two casualties on the scene. Fortunately, they were able to get the assistance of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency R199 to help with the situation.

In a statement released on their social media, the Lomond MRT expressed their gratitude towards the R199, saying, “Many thanks go to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency R199 for their timely assistance in helping us deal with this incident.”

Photos by E. Berry LMRT

Details about the nature of the accident or the extent of the injuries sustained by the casualties were not included in the statement.

The Lomond MRT is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to providing search and rescue services in the Scottish mountains. They are part of a network of mountain rescue teams throughout the UK who work tirelessly to keep people safe in the mountains.

This incident is a reminder of the importance of being prepared when heading out into the mountains, as well as the invaluable role that rescue teams play in keeping people safe. The Lomond MRT and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency R199’s coordinated efforts serve as a testament to the dedication and teamwork required to successfully carry out a rescue mission.

Photos by E. Berry LMRT

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