Mourne Mountain Rescue Team Assists Three Crag Fast Climbers with Police Search & Rescue Team’s Help

Late on May 7th, Mourne Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) received a call from the Police to assist three climbers who had become crag fast while attempting to climb the multi-pitch rock climbing route FM on the Lamagan slabs. The MRT’s initial communication with the climbers indicated that they were stuck at different positions on the crag, and the team responded immediately due to the potential scale and the rapidly deteriorating weather conditions.

The MRT requested the assistance of the Police Search & Rescue Team, and shortly after, team members reached the top of the climb just below the summit of Slieve Lamagan and the first climber. According to a statement released by the MRT on their social media, “Having reached the top of the route, the climber had made themselves safe and managed to secure the others, albeit suffering from and requiring treatment for exposure.”

The team then used rope systems to search the crag, finding and hauling each of the two remaining climbers about 50 meters to the top. The climbers also required treatment for exposure. With the help of the Police Search & Rescue Team, the climbers were evacuated off Slieve Lamagan to team vehicles and transferred for further care.

A total of 17 MRT members responded to the call and stood down at 07:20 the following morning. The MRT expressed their gratitude to the Police Search & Rescue Team in their statement, saying, “Thanks as always to the Police Search & Rescue Team for their help.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of being prepared and aware of changing weather conditions when attempting to climb in the mountains. It also highlights the crucial role that rescue teams like the Mourne MRT and the Police Search & Rescue Team play in ensuring the safety of climbers in difficult situations.

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