Successful Rescue Mission: Wasdale MRT and LAMRT Work Together to Locate Missing Walker

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) and Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team (LAMRT) recently teamed up to successfully locate a missing walker in Eskdale. On the evening of May 7th, the Wasdale MRT received a call from Cumbria Police regarding a walker who was overdue from a walk from Eskdale YHA.

According to the incident report by the Wasdale MRT, the missing walker had sent a message earlier in the afternoon from the Langdale YHA, stating that he was returning via the Langdale summits. The team leader at Wasdale MRT immediately made contact with the team leader at LAMRT to coordinate efforts to locate the missing walker.

After initial plans were being formed, the good news arrived that the walker had turned up safe and well at the Eskdale YHA, and both teams were able to stand down. The incident, which lasted for 49 minutes, had a happy ending thanks to the efficient coordination between the two rescue teams.

In a statement released on their Facebook page, the Wasdale MRT expressed their gratitude towards LAMRT for their support, saying, “Thanks to LAMRT for their assistance with this callout. It’s always great when neighbouring teams can work together in such an effective manner.”

This successful collaboration between the Wasdale MRT and LAMRT is a testament to the importance of teamwork and the dedication of these rescue teams to keeping people safe in the mountains.

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