Wild Camper furious that a tent left on side of mountain

Wild Camper were left furious after a tent was found up the side of a mountain in Scotland. 

Michael Scott had been hiking near Glencoe in Scotland when he came across what looked like an abandoned tent.

Michael said in a Wild Camping group “Hope it wasn’t anyone here that dumped their tent in Glencoe”.

With wild camping growing in popularity as more and more people take up the idea of camping in the middle of know where, there needs to be more education around the initial ethos of “leave no trace”.

Photo Credit: Michael Scott Wild Camping UK

One user saying: “Some people need to be re-educated on the phrase “leave no trace””

A second person said “This s**t gives us Good campers a bad rep”

A third joking said “Did you check to see if the owner was still in there ?”

Others though were less judging saying it could have been an emergency and the people left behind to get down from the hill quickly.

So if you are planning on going wild camping or even camping on a site – a great rule of thumb is leave no trace. 

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