Walker Seriously Injured on Castle Crag

On May 1st, 2023, Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out to assist a walker who had fallen and seriously injured her hip on the north side of Castle Crag. The incident was marked as Incident 38, and the callout time was 13:53.

The team was able to park close to the casualty and quickly provide medical assistance, including the use of a stretcher to transport the person to an ambulance for onward transfer to the hospital in Carlisle. In total, 12 team members were involved in the rescue operation, which took 1 hour and 37 minutes to complete.

Image Source: Keswick MRT

The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team’s quick response and expertise in mountain rescue operations were vital in this incident. Speaking on the incident, Mike Blakey, the Keswick MRT team leader, stated, “This was a challenging callout due to the nature of the injury and location of the casualty, but our team was able to work together efficiently to provide the necessary medical assistance and get the person to the hospital.”

The team’s response time and efforts in this incident demonstrate the importance of the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team in providing critical support to those in need in the mountains.

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