Naked woman landscape sculpture damaged by visitors at Northumberlandia

A popular outdoor sculpture, Northumberlandia, also known as “The Lady of the North,” has suffered significant damage from visitors walking off the designated paths and climbing up the sides of the hillocks. The sculpture, which is a landscape replica of a naked woman, was unveiled in 2012 and attracts around 100,000 visitors annually.

The sculpture is known as "The Lady of the North". Image Source PETER ERNST

According to Northumberland Wildlife Trust, the damage caused by visitors would take years to recover fully, and if the visitors continued to flout the rules, the trust would have to erect fences, which could spoil views from the top.

The sculpture stands 112ft (34m) high at her tallest point and is 1,300ft (400m) long. She is made up of 1.5m tonnes of rock, soil, stone, and clay. The damage caused by visitors has left the landmark looking a bit worse for wear.

Northumberlandia is a human landform sculpture of a reclining woman

A spokesman for Northumberland Wildlife Trust said, “Instead of using the designated footpaths, visitors, many of them with buggies, have been clambering up the side. In addition, families have been sliding down the steepest side of the sculpture as if it were a playground slide. This has resulted in massive amounts of damage to the ground and has left the landmark looking a bit worse for wear. It’s important for the Lady to look her best, so staff and volunteers from the wildlife charity are tasked with repairing it.”

The trust has warned visitors to stick to the designated paths to avoid further damage to the sculpture. The spokesman added that they did not want to fence off the mounds but that the ground needed time to repair.

The damage to Northumberlandia highlights the importance of respecting outdoor artworks and following designated paths to protect them from harm. As the famous artist, Christo, once said, “All art is in danger of becoming pointless when it becomes separated from the environment in which it was conceived.”

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