South Lincolnshire Business Devastated by Floods, Owner Faces £20,000 in Repairs

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a South Lincolnshire father and business owner has been left devastated after his business, Cresslands Touring Park, was severely damaged by recent flooding.

David Walters, 51, described the harrowing experience of watching the business he built over 11 years become “drenched” due to the floodwaters.

The flooding, which occurred this week, has not only impacted the touring park but also caused significant damage to Mr. Walters’ personal property.

A borehole, which is the primary water source for both his home and the business site, was broken during the floods.

This has added to the challenges faced by Mr. Walters in the aftermath of the disaster.

Image Source: David Walters/PA

Reflecting on the incident, Mr. Walters recalled the previous flooding that hit the site “a couple of Christmases ago.”

He expressed his fear and helplessness as he watched the water levels rise rapidly. “As you’re seeing water rising in such a rapid way heading towards you, you’re almost weirdly paralysed,” he said.

Despite his fears, his home was spared, but the business premises were not so fortunate.

The assessment of the damage is scheduled for Monday, and the initial estimates for repairs are daunting, exceeding £20,000.

Mr. Walters, who has dedicated over a decade of hard work to the establishment and growth of Cresslands Touring Park, is determined to overcome this setback.

“I’m just hoping and praying with all my heart that I’ll be up and running in 12 weeks’ time,” he stated, emphasising the emotional and physical investment he has made in his business.

Image Source: David Walters/PA

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges small business owners face, particularly in areas prone to natural disasters.

The community awaits further updates as Mr. Walters begins the journey to rebuild what he describes as his “nest egg,” a testament to his dedication and hard work over the past 11 years.

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