Lads’ holiday turns into heroic rescue mission in Ireland

A group of friends on a lads’ holiday in Dingle, South Ireland, have become local heroes after coming to the rescue of a stranded American walker who broke her ankle. Jim Scragg and his four friends were walking up Mount Brandon in County Kerry on Saturday April 29, when they overheard people talking about a missing woman.

They soon found out that an elderly American man named John was visiting Ireland with his wife, Mary from Minnesota, and Mary had fallen and hurt herself while out for a walk.

John had phoned the police, but asked for the men’s help. The group split up and searched the area, and after an hour and a half, Jon and Chris found Mary and informed the Coastguard of her location using the what3words app. Mary was taken to a local hospital to be treated for her broken ankle and has since been sending text messages to express her gratitude.

Mary being assessed by rescuers after she fell and broke her ankle

The men were rewarded for their heroic efforts with a round of Guinness at a local pub, where they became known as “the Mount Brandon heroes.” Mary and John also sent texts thanking the men for their help, and Mary promised to pray for them every day.

This lads’ holiday turned into an unexpected rescue mission, demonstrating the kindness and bravery of these friends who went above and beyond to help a stranger in need.

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