Braemar MRT Rescues Injured Mountain Biker at Tarland Trails

On May 4th, Braemar Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) responded to a call for assistance from an injured mountain biker on the popular biking course at the Drummy Woods, located in Tarland Trails in Aberdeenshire.

The team quickly arrived on the scene and provided medical attention to the injured cyclist.

They then carefully packaged the cyclist and transported them to an ambulance for further medical care.

The spokesperson for Braemar MRT expressed gratitude to all who assisted in the rescue and wished the casualty a speedy recovery.

A rescue team was sent to the Drummy Woods

The Tarland Trails, which offer 14 mountain biking routes categorised into blue for moderate, red for difficult, and black for extreme routes, are well-known for their high-speed adrenaline jumps.

Despite the risks, the trails are a popular destination for mountain biking enthusiasts.

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