Cramlington Scout Group receives overwhelming support after tents are damaged and stolen

The 2nd Cramlington Scout Group in Northumberland has been overwhelmed by the support of its local community after one tent was stolen and another was damaged.

Scout leader David Cherry and group members returned to their tents after a weekend of camping during bad weather to discover one missing and the other damaged.

David stated that they needed all of their tents as they were at full capacity with children.

He was disappointed and angry, describing the theft as “below the belt.”

2nd Cramlington Scout Group camping with their tents last year.

However, after posting about the incident on Facebook, David received an “overwhelming” response of supportive comments and offers to donate old tents.

David said, “It was just really nice to see so many people around the doors and even further away coming in with donations.”

The donations have enabled the planned events to proceed as planned.

David expressed his gratitude for the community’s support, saying, “All the volunteers that make 2nd Cramlington Scout Group run…were really overwhelmed and really appreciative of the people that stepped up straight away and offered to help out.”

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