Buxton Mountain Rescue Team Responds to Family Emergency Near Shutlingsloe

On the 14th of February, amidst the serene backdrop of Shutlingsloe in the Peak District, a family’s walking excursion took an unexpected turn, prompting a swift response from the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team.

At 13:42, the team received a call to assist a family group after one of its members suffered a slip, resulting in a painful shoulder injury.

The Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, known for their readiness and expertise in handling outdoor emergencies, quickly mobilised to the scene.

Upon arrival, they provided essential first aid to the injured family member, ensuring their condition was stabilised before evacuation.

With careful coordination, the casualty was securely packaged and stretchered to the road head, where an ambulance awaited to transport them for further medical treatment.

This incident marks the ninth call-out for the team, highlighting their crucial role in ensuring the safety of outdoor enthusiasts in the region.

Image Source: Buxton Mountain Rescue Team

The Buxton Mountain Rescue Team’s prompt and efficient handling of the situation underscores the importance of having skilled rescue services available to respond to accidents in challenging terrains.

Their dedication to serving the community and safeguarding the well-being of individuals in distress is a testament to their commitment to public service.

Image Source: Buxton Mountain Rescue Team

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with walking in rural and mountainous areas, especially during the winter months when conditions can be more treacherous.

It also highlights the importance of being prepared and having knowing how to contact mountain rescue when venturing into such environments.

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