Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team Swiftly Responds to Fallen Climber in Scugdale

On a busy Saturday, 16th March 2024, the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) was called into action for a rescue operation in Scugdale, near Swainby, following a distressing incident involving a fallen climber at Barkers Crag.

This call for assistance came amidst the team’s involvement in the Cleveland Survival event near Scaling Dam, marking a day of back-to-back emergencies for the dedicated volunteers.

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service requested the expertise of the Cleveland MRT to attend to the climber, who had suffered a fall. Mobilising quickly, two Land Rover crews and additional personnel were dispatched from the Cleveland Survival event to the scene.

The urgency of the situation was heightened by the loss of telephone contact with the casualty, leaving the full extent of his injuries unknown until the rescue team’s arrival.

Upon reaching Barkers Crag, the team discovered that the climber, with the help of fellow climbers, had managed to reach the roadside.

A thorough assessment by the Cleveland MRT revealed the climber had sustained a serious arm injury and a foot injury.

Immediate medical attention was provided on-site; team members administered pain relief and other necessary medication.

The climber’s arm was then splinted by the ambulance crew, who had arrived shortly after, ensuring he was ready for transportation to the hospital for further treatment.

The operation involved eighteen team members, some of whom were held back at the rendezvous point while the casualty was being attended to.

After two hours of diligent work, some volunteers were stood down to return home, while others went back to Scaling Dam to continue providing cover as the Cleveland Survival event drew to a close in the late afternoon.

This was their first call out of two that day, the second one came shortly later with Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team Aids Ill Walker Near Ainthorpe.

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