Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team Aids Ill Walker Near Ainthorpe

On Saturday, 16th March 2024, the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) sprang into action following an incident near Ainthorpe, close to Danby, where a man fell ill while walking with his family.

The incident occurred in proximity to a checkpoint for the Team’s Cleveland Survival event, although the man was not a participant in the event.

Team members stationed at the checkpoint just south of Ainthorpe village were the first responders, quickly deploying to assist the man.

Their efforts were supported by two Land Rover crews, and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) was promptly notified to attend to the situation.

Upon reaching the man, the rescue team provided initial treatment for his ailment, which showed gradual improvement.

However, during their assessment, they discovered that the man had also sustained a shoulder injury.

The team administered pain relief for the shoulder injury and updated the ambulance service about his condition.

In a coordinated effort to ensure the well-being of the man and his family, arrangements were made to reunite them with their vehicle.

The casualty was advised to seek further medical evaluation at a hospital to assess his condition comprehensively.

The operation involved thirteen members of the Cleveland MRT and lasted for approximately 1.5 hours.

Following the successful evacuation and care of the man, the team members returned to Event Control to assist with the packing up of equipment used during the Cleveland Survival event.

The following morning, they returned all gear to the base, where everything was unpacked, and the vehicles were thoroughly cleaned and refuelled, ready for the next call to action.

This incident highlights the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team’s readiness and capability to respond to emergencies, not only during planned events but also in unexpected situations.

Their quick action and professional care ensured a positive outcome for the ill walker and his family, demonstrating the vital role of mountain rescue teams in providing assistance to those in need in the great outdoors.

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