Injured Man Rescued by Brecon Mountain Rescue Team in the Elan Valley

On Wednesday, 21st February, the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team was called to assist an injured man in the Elan Valley, marking another successful operation in the challenging terrains of Wales.

The incident occurred as the man, accompanied by his wife, was descending Gro Hill above Caban Coch Reservoir after a day-long circle walk around the reservoir.

Brecon Mountain Rescue Team respond to injured man (Brecon Mountain Rescue Team)

The couple’s peaceful outing took a turn for the worse on a greasy grass path, where the man slipped, causing a serious injury to his upper leg.

The injury was severe enough to render him immobile, unable to complete the descent on his own.

Responding promptly to the call, members of the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, including those living locally and others from further south, arrived to provide support.

Given the seriousness of the injury and the remote location, the decision was made to call in the Maritime and Coastguard Agency helicopter, “Rescue 187”, for evacuation.

Brecon Mountain Rescue Team respond to injured man (Brecon Mountain Rescue Team)

While the man’s wife was safely escorted down the hill by the team, the injured man was carefully carried to the helicopter and flown to the hospital for the necessary medical treatment.

The operation was supported by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency helicopter crew and a local farmer who assisted with access to the site.

The Brecon Mountain Rescue Team expressed their gratitude to everyone involved in the rescue and extended their wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured man.

This incident highlights the critical role of mountain rescue teams and the importance of being prepared for any eventuality while enjoying the natural beauty of areas like the Elan Valley.

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