Mountain Rescue Warning After ‘Unprepared’ Climbers Rescued from Ben Chonzie

Mountain rescue teams have issued a stark warning following the rescue of two climbers from Ben Chonzie, who were deemed “totally unprepared” for the conditions they encountered.

The Tayside Mountain Rescue Team was called into action on Friday after the pair became disorientated on what social media had suggested was an “easy” Munro to climb.

The climbers, misled by the proliferation of social media videos labeling certain Munros as “easy” or suitable for “beginners,” found themselves in a perilous situation as weather conditions deteriorated.

The rescue team successfully located and escorted the individuals back to safety, emphasising the need for proper preparation and caution.

Tayside MRT had to rescue two 'totally unprepared' climbers

This incident has prompted the Tayside Mountain Rescue Team to reiterate their message that no Munro is “easy” and that climbers should be prepared for every eventuality when venturing into the mountains.

The team’s statement highlighted the dangers of underestimating mountain conditions and the importance of being adequately equipped and informed before setting out.

The rescue operation serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with mountain climbing, especially when guided by misleading information.

The Tayside Mountain Rescue Team advises anyone in need of mountain rescue to call 999, ask for the police, and then request mountain rescue, underscoring the critical role of these services in ensuring the safety of outdoor enthusiasts.

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