Elan Valley Walker Airlifted to Hospital After Slip Leads to Serious Injury

A peaceful walk in the Elan Valley in the Brecon Beacons turned into an emergency on Wednesday, February 21, when a man, enjoying a circular walk around the Caban Coch Reservoir with his wife, slipped on a greasy grass path between the summits of Knockendoch and Criffel.

The fall resulted in a suspected broken ankle, prompting an immediate response from the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team.

The incident, which occurred in the afternoon, saw the injured man unable to complete his walk due to the severity of his injuries. Members of the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, living close to the area, were the first responders, quickly reaching the site to assess and assist the casualty.

They were supported by additional team members who arrived from further south, all working together to ensure the man received the care he needed.

Given the remote location of the accident and the serious nature of the man’s injuries, the decision was made to call in the Maritime and Coastguard Agency helicopter, ‘Rescue 187’.

The helicopter successfully airlifted the man from the scene, transporting him directly to the hospital for further medical assessment and treatment.

Meanwhile, his wife was safely escorted off the hill by the mountain rescue team members.

The operation was a testament to the collaboration between the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, and local farmers who assisted with access to the site.

The rescue team extended their gratitude to all involved and wished the gentleman a speedy recovery.

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of walking in rural and remote areas, especially on wet and slippery terrain.

It highlights the importance of being prepared for all conditions and the invaluable role of mountain rescue teams and emergency services in providing assistance and ensuring the safety of outdoor enthusiasts.

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