Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team Conducts Night Search for Emergency Distress Beacon in Guisborough Woods

On the evening of Monday, 19th February 2024, the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) was mobilised following a report from the Cleveland Police control room, which had been alerted by the Humber Coastguard to an emergency distress beacon signal possibly originating from Guisborough Woods, near Highcliff Nab.

The team agreed to search the specified location and the surrounding area to locate the source of the distress signal.

Deploying five team members in two Land Rovers, the CMRT conducted a thorough search on foot, covering the tracks and paths around the reported location and extending their search to a wider sweep of Guisborough Woods.

Despite their efforts, the team found no trace of any incident or individuals in distress.

After coordinating with both the Police and Coastguard, it was decided that the CMRT could stand down, pending further checks by the Coastguard to contact the owner of the distress beacon for any additional search requests from the Police.

The owner of the device was later traced and found to be safe and well. It was determined that the activation of the distress beacon was unintentional, with no harm intended.

A total of seven team members were actively involved in coordinating and conducting the search, with an additional 17 members on standby, ready to assist if needed.

The operation lasted approximately 2.25 hours, demonstrating the CMRT’s readiness to respond to potential emergencies, even when they turn out to be false alarms.

This incident highlights the importance of emergency preparedness and the swift response capabilities of mountain rescue teams like the CMRT.

It also serves as a reminder for the proper use and maintenance of distress beacons, ensuring they serve their critical purpose in real emergencies.

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