Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team Aids Injured Climber in Red Gully

In a daring rescue operation on the rugged slopes of the Cairngorms, the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) was called into action to assist a climber who suffered a leg injury due to rockfall while ascending Red Gully.

The incident, which occurred yesterday afternoon, prompted an immediate response from the skilled volunteers of the CMRT.

The injured climber, navigating the challenging terrain of Red Gully, was struck by falling rocks, resulting in a significant leg injury that rendered further ascent or descent impossible without assistance.

The CMRT, known for their expertise in mountain rescue operations, swiftly mobilized to the climber’s location to provide the necessary aid.

Upon reaching the climber, the rescue team executed a technical lower to the Coire floor, a manoeuvre that required precision and careful coordination to ensure the safety of both the casualty and the rescuers.

Once safely on the Coire floor, the climber was placed on a stretcher and meticulously carried out to the nearby ski area, demonstrating the team’s commitment to overcoming the natural obstacles presented by the mountainous terrain.

For the final leg of the evacuation, the CMRT utilised their Can Am vehicle, a specialised all-terrain vehicle equipped to handle the rugged conditions of the Cairngorms.

This allowed for a swift and efficient transport of the injured climber to an awaiting ambulance, ensuring they received the medical attention needed without delay.

The Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team has extended their best wishes for a speedy recovery to the climber, emphasising their readiness to respond to those in need, regardless of the challenges presented by the harsh and unpredictable mountain environment.

This rescue operation highlights the critical role of mountain rescue teams in ensuring the safety of climbers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts exploring the Cairngorms.

The CMRT’s quick response and expert handling of the situation underscore the importance of preparedness and the value of having skilled rescue personnel available to assist in emergencies.

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