Mountain Biker’s Heartfelt Gratitude to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

In a recent incident that has touched the hearts of many, a mountain biker, Marcus Baker, expressed profound gratitude to the Bolton Mountain Rescue team for their timely intervention after a severe accident in Rivington. The Camping Fire delves into the heartfelt words of those involved and the deep-rooted connection between the Baker family and the rescue team.

A Life-Saving Intervention

Marcus Baker, an avid mountain biker from Horwich, recounted the harrowing experience, saying, “The Bolton Mountain Rescue team had to rescue me from up Rivington and take me on a stretcher.”

Despite the gravity of the situation, Marcus’s spirit remained undeterred.

“They were very quick. I wasn’t as scared as I should have been,”

he added. Emphasising the significance of the rescue team, Marcus stated,

“The rescue team are very important, and I don’t know how I would have got down from Rivington otherwise. I am very grateful for them.”

A Family’s Deep Connection and Generosity

The bond between the Baker family and the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team runs deep. Vicki Ramsden, Marcus’s sister, shed light on this connection, saying, “Our family support for the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team goes back over 50 years.” She recalled the tragic incident of 1972 when their uncle, Terry Baker, lost his life while climbing Mont Blanc at the young age of 20. The family has since made donations to the rescue team in his memory.

In a recent act of gratitude, Marcus’s family, who owns the roofing company Monoroof, made a significant donation of £1,000 to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. This generous contribution was not only a way to say thank you but also to support the invaluable work the team does. Vicki mentioned, “My auntie Janette Baker and uncle Ivor Makinson were volunteers in the 1970s, and when my dad died in 2020, we made donations in his memory.”

Highlighting the upcoming 50th Golden wedding anniversary of their relatives, Vicki shared that instead of gifts, they have requested donations for the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. “The Bolton Mountain Rescue Team has a special place in our family,” she added.

A Community’s Pillar

Vicki also emphasised the pivotal role local voluntary organisations and charities play in the community. “They play an incredibly important role,” she said, acknowledging the funding challenges these organisations often face. This sentiment was echoed in the family’s generous donation as a token of appreciation to the rescue team.

As Marcus Baker continues his mountain biking adventures, his recent experience serves as a poignant reminder of the invaluable services provided by rescue teams. Their dedication, combined with the community’s unwavering support and generous donations, ensures that those in distress receive timely assistance, turning potential tragedies into stories of hope and gratitude.

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