A walker has died in a fall on a Peak District hillside on Saturday 8th April.

Edale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted on Saturday by an ambulance crew to the incident above Speedwell Cavern near Castleton.

The team said the walker was reported to be unconscious after suffering a head injury.

The incident happened near Speedwell. Photo Edale MRT
The incident happened near Speedwell. Photo Edale MRT

A team spokesperson said: “A group of friends visiting the area for the weekend were making their way off the hill when one slipped and tumbled a distance, sustaining a serious head injury during the fall.

“A couple of local team members arrived on scene at the same time as an ambulance crew and team paramedic.

“Despite the best efforts of their friends, team members and the ambulance crew, the injuries received were incompatible with life and the walker was unfortunately pronounced deceased at scene.

“After the attendance of the police the deceased was evacuated from the hillside. Our condolences to the family and friends of those involved.”

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