Edale Mountain Rescue Team Assists Injured Runner on Moorland

On Saturday, 2nd March 2024, at 11:23 hrs, the Edale Mountain Rescue Team (EMRT) was mobilised following a request from Derbyshire Police to assist a runner who had sustained an ankle injury on the moorland near the Clod Hall junction.

The incident required the skilled intervention of the EMRT to ensure the runner’s safety and provide the necessary medical assistance.

Upon receiving the call, the EMRT quickly deployed to the location, where they found the injured runner unable to move due to the severity of the ankle injury.

The team provided first aid to stabilise the injury on-site, preparing the individual for evacuation from the challenging terrain.

Using a stretcher, the rescue team carefully transported the runner to the nearest road.

This meticulous operation ensured that the injured party was moved safely, avoiding any further harm.

Once at the road, arrangements were made for the runner to be conveyed in their own vehicle to the Accident and Emergency department for further medical treatment.

This incident highlights the risks associated with running and navigating through moorland areas, where uneven ground and remote locations can complicate rescue efforts.

It also underscores the vital role played by mountain rescue teams like the EMRT, who are equipped to respond to emergencies in such difficult-to-access areas.

The Edale Mountain Rescue Team’s prompt response and efficient handling of the situation ensured that the runner received the necessary care swiftly, demonstrating the importance of collaboration between emergency services and mountain rescue teams.

The EMRT continues to serve the community, providing indispensable support to those in need in the great outdoors.

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