Unlock Massive Savings on Berghaus Tents with Just £5: Here’s Your Guide

As the camping season approaches, it’s time to gear up with the best equipment without breaking the bank.

An exciting opportunity for campers to save significantly on Berghaus tents, a brand known for its durability and innovation.

With a simple investment of £5 for a Go Outdoors membership, you can unlock exclusive deals that slash prices on premium outdoor gear, including the sought-after Berghaus tents.

The Deal Unveiled:

For those already part of the Go Outdoors family, these deals are ready for the taking.

Newcomers can join the club by purchasing a Go Outdoors membership card for just £5, instantly opening the door to members-only sales.

Highlighted in the offer is the Berghaus Air 400XL Nightfall Tent, with its price plummeting from £1,300 to £579.

Additionally, the Berghaus Adhara 700 Nightfall Tent sees a reduction from £800 to £379, among other enticing deals.

Featured Products:

  • Berghaus Air 400XL Nightfall Tent: Originally £1,300, now just £579. This four-person tent boasts an air inflation system for easy setup and darkened bedrooms for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Berghaus Adhara 700 Nightfall Tent: Was £800, now £379. A part of Berghaus’ first poled tent family, it offers quick pitching, spacious living, and blackout bedrooms.
  • Berghaus Air Single Self-Inflating Mat: Down from £200 to £99, featuring a self-inflating valve and a soft-flocked finish for ultimate comfort.
  • Cadac Carri Chef 2 Gourmet Combo: A versatile camping stove reduced from £280 to £179, complete with a Piezo ignition and multiple cooking surfaces.

How to Capitalise on These Offers:

These deals are available until 22 March 2024, providing a limited time to act.

Whether you’re upgrading your family tent or enhancing your camping comfort with a new mat, these offers from Go Outdoors present a rare opportunity to acquire premium gear at a fraction of the cost.


With camping season on the horizon, there’s no better time to upgrade your gear. Thanks to Go Outdoors and T3’s Matt Kollat, a minimal investment of £5 opens up a world of savings on Berghaus tents and more. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals; secure your Go Outdoors membership today and prepare for your next adventure with top-notch equipment at unbeatable prices.

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