Transforming Kinross-shire: From Quarry Wasteland to Leisure Paradise

In a bold move that marries environmental rejuvenation with leisure development, a former quarry in Kinross-shire, Scotland, is set to undergo a dramatic transformation.

The site, once marred by fly-tipping, wild camping, and antisocial behavior, has been granted planning permission to become a leisure park featuring 124 holiday units.

This decision marks a significant shift in the landscape’s narrative, from a neglected area to a potential hub of tourism and local community engagement.

A Vision of Utopia Amidst Safety Concerns

Devonshaw Leisure Ltd, the developers behind this ambitious project, envision the site as a “piece of Utopia.”

Their plans include the construction of 114 lodges, 10 glamping pods, and additional amenities designed to cater to both short-term visitors and motorhome enthusiasts.

The proposal aims not only to provide holiday accommodations but also to integrate safety measures and community benefits, including a minibus for local use.

Image Source: dailyrecord

However, the project has not been without its detractors.

Objectors have raised significant safety fears, pointing to the inherently dangerous nature of the former quarry.

With steep cliffs and deep water lochans, one of which is surrounded by near-vertical quarry sides, the site poses real risks. Carolyn Pleass, an objector, emphasised these dangers, alongside concerns about the environmental impact and sewage management.

Cleaning Up and Giving Back


Despite these concerns, the Perth and Kinross Council’s Planning and Placemaking Committee moved forward with approval, highlighting the development’s potential to address longstanding issues of antisocial behavior and environmental degradation. Convener Ian Massie expressed optimism that the leisure park would “clean up a site” that has long been a source of community frustration.

A Delicate Balance

The approval of the leisure park at the former Whinstone Quarry represents a delicate balance between development and safety, progress and preservation. As the project moves forward, developers are tasked with ensuring that their vision of a utopian leisure destination does not overlook the critical safety measures necessary to protect visitors and the environment alike.

This development promises to breathe new life into Kinross-shire, offering a beacon of leisure and relaxation while tackling the challenges of transforming a site with a troubled past. As the leisure park takes shape, it stands as a testament to the potential for regeneration and the power of visionary planning to redefine the contours of the local landscape.

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