Tragic Discovery in Colorado’s Wilderness: Abandoned Campsite Reveals Mysterious Deaths

In a chilling turn of events, a hiker exploring the remote terrains of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains stumbled upon a scene straight out of a horror film. An abandoned campsite near the secluded Gold Creek Campsite unveiled a grim discovery that has left the community in shock.

A Haunting Find

While the serene landscapes of the Rocky Mountains are a haven for nature enthusiasts, the hiker was unprepared for the eerie sight that awaited them. Amidst the remnants of a campsite, they discovered a severely decomposed body. Gunnison County Coroner Michael Barnes detailed the scene, stating,

“One body was found outside a tent with two more zipped inside.”

The hiker promptly alerted the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office, leading to a more extensive investigation.

The Mystery Deepens

Upon further inspection, investigators uncovered two additional heavily decomposed bodies at the site. The state of the remains suggested they had been there for a significant duration.

Gunnison County Undersherrif Josh Ashe commented on the timeline, noting, “The bodies had likely been there for a ‘substantial period of time’.”

Two bodies were found inside a tent with a third outside. Credit: Getty Stock Image

Piecing Together the Story

The identities of the deceased were later confirmed as two adult sisters, Christine Vance, 41, and Rebecca Vance, 42, along with Rebecca’s 14-year-old son.

The circumstances surrounding their deaths remain shrouded in mystery.

However, Coroner Barnes provided some insights, revealing,

“At this point it appears that these three individuals began long-term camping at the location near Gold Creek Campground in (approximately) mid-late July last Summer 2022 and attempted to stay through the winter.”

Possible Causes

While foul play has been ruled out, the exact cause of their tragic end remains uncertain. Barnes speculated on potential factors, suggesting, “Potentially malnutrition and ‘exposure to the elements’ through a harsh winter last year likely contributed to their deaths.” He further pondered the sudden onset of winter, musing, “I wonder if winter came on quickly and suddenly, they were just in survival mode in the tent.”

The presence of literature on outdoor survival and foraging at the campsite hinted at their possible intentions, with Barnes adding, “But it looked like they supplied at a grocery store.”

This heart-wrenching discovery serves as a sombre reminder of the unpredictable nature of the wilderness. As investigations continue, the community hopes to find answers and pay respects to the lives tragically lost.

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