Storm Babet’s Wrath: Dovecot Caravan Park Faces Unprecedented Devastation

The ferocity of Storm Babet has left an indelible mark on Scotland, with the Dovecot Caravan Park bearing the brunt of its fury. Residents of the park, located next to the River North Esk, recount the harrowing experience and the extensive damage to their cherished caravans.

Caravans Tossed and Damaged

Image Source BBC

Mr Ross, a resident of the park, described the aftermath to the BBC, stating,

“The place is ruined. The water’s been that high it’s thrown the van off the pitch. It’s been banging into other vans, there are holes in the side of it, the back end’s falling out.”

The storm’s impact was not just physical but emotional as well. Ms Ross added,

“It’s like our second home and we got flooded last year. We’ve put a lot of effort into getting it back. We had to refit it and everything. For my friends as well, who have lost theirs, it’s just heartbreaking.” She further expressed her despair, mentioning,

“At the end of the day, it’s our little haven. I wish we didn’t have to claim through the insurance. I wish we still had our caravan.”

Image Source BBC

A Landscape of Carnage

Ms MacAskill, another resident of Dovecot Caravan Park, was left in disbelief by the extent of the damage. Speaking to the BBC, she said,

“You wouldn’t believe how bad this carnage is. There are six other couples who have lost their statics as well. There’s about 20 other statics been flooded and damaged. It’s just horrendous.”

The storm’s aftermath has left many residents contemplating their next steps and the future of their beloved caravans.

A Community's Resilience

The Dovecot Caravan Park, a cherished spot for many, now faces the challenge of rebuilding and recovery. As residents grapple with the loss and damage, their stories highlight the strength and resilience of the community.

The aftermath of Storm Babet serves as a stark reminder of nature’s unpredictable power, but the determination of the Dovecot residents to rebuild and recover shines through.

The Dovecot Caravan Park community, while shaken, remains hopeful. Their stories of loss, resilience, and determination serve as a testament to the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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