Sherwood Forest Holiday Park Grapples with Aftermath of Severe Flooding

Nestled in the heart of Sherwood Forest, the Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, a beloved destination for many, is currently facing the aftermath of a devastating flood brought on by Storm Babet. The park, which spans 52 acres and has been a staple since its opening in 1972, is now grappling with the challenges of recovery.

Unprecedented Water Levels

The car park for the campsite was flooded following torrential rain and rising river levels.

The severity of the flooding was such that the River Maun’s levels rose to an alarming 1.52 metres following the storm. These levels persisted for several hours, preventing the water from receding and causing significant damage to the site. Andrew Robinson, the site manager, described the rapid rise of water, saying, “Water flooded into the site, going into people’s caravans – it was surreal. It just raised within minutes.”

A Community's Concern

Robinson expressed deep concern for the park’s future, stating, “It is such a blow to the business and the increase of floods over the years is a huge concern.” He further empathised with the holidaymakers, many of whom consider the park a second home, saying, “I really feel for the holidaymakers here – this is a second home to many people.”

The park’s management and associated businesses have been deeply affected by the devastation. Robinson shared, “We, owners, directors and sister businesses have been extremely saddened by the devastation caused by Storm Babet to our beautiful park.”

A car submerged by flood water after Storm Babet.

Recovery Efforts Underway

Despite the challenges, the park’s team is working diligently to restore normalcy. Robinson highlighted their efforts, noting, “The team at Sherwood are still working tirelessly to put the park back together so we can reopen as quickly and safely as possible.” In a testament to the scale of the flooding, he mentioned that staff had cleared a staggering 250,000 litres of flood water from just one part of the site.

A flooded caravan on the site.

Community Support and Future Concerns

Devastating scenes from the campsite.

In the face of adversity, the park has received an outpouring of support from the community. Robinson expressed gratitude, saying, “It has been heart-breaking for us to see, especially as people’s caravans and vehicles have been affected by the flood. But thankfully, we have received lots of support from the community.”

However, concerns for the future remain. Robinson emphasised the need for greater support to address minor flooding issues, hoping to prevent large-scale devastation like that seen following Storm Babet.

The Environment Agency has been approached to address these concerns and provide guidance on future preventive measures.

As Sherwood Forest Holiday Park embarks on its journey to recovery, the incident serves as a poignant reminder of nature’s unpredictable power and the importance of community support in challenging times.

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