Over 100k new trees planted in the Heart of England Forest this winter

As we reported earlier there are plans in Yorkshire to create England’s largest native woodland, but that’s not the only projects in place to expand Britain’s woodlands.

There are plans to to create the ‘Heart of England Forest’. A charity has set an ambitious goal to help reverse centuries of woodland decline by planting and protecting a 30,000 acre forest. The aim is to benefit the environment, wildlife and people. 

Over the winter months they have just reported that they managed to plant an additional 100,000 trees across 8 different sites. The 127,748 trees over 233 acres this winter. In total since the project started 2,148,171 trees have been planted.

Image source heartofenglandforest.org

Senior Forest Ranger, Ian, shares some insights into the forestry team’s work over the winter period:  

“New woodland creation dominates the months of November through to March. This year we planted around 20,000 trees spanning two fields near Coxmere Wood. A team of 13 staff planted this in just over a month, in what was mostly pleasant planting conditions, however our progress was hampered a little by a period of sharp frosts. Luckily, the ground didn’t get too hard, so the team was able to keep going. Bumping in stakes is a great way to keep warm in minus temperatures!  

After Christmas and into the New Year my team were joined by the Spernal team to plant 28,000 trees on our land at Dodwell. 

As anyone who has recently watch ‘Wild Isles’ will know tree decline has been happening for too long in our great country,  In fact only 13% of the UK is covered by woodland – one of the lowest figures in Europe – and half of this is non-native plantations, which aren’t as beneficial for wildlife. Sadly, just 2.5% of our wild isles is precious ancient woodland.

But with these two projects and many more across the country we might actually have a chance to reverse this. 

If you want to help support this charity, visit the woodland or find out more information, you can visit the Heart of England Forest website

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