Number of campsites in the UK

COVID-19 has dramatically changed every aspect of our lifestyles, from work and socialising to travel and leisure activities. The travel industry, like other industries, is constantly trying to adapt to new restrictions. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel: as we tentatively move closer towards restrictions being lifted, more and more people are searching for the perfect place to have a ‘staycation’ within the UK.

Camping is a very popular staycation option, with a huge number of British people turning to camping in recent years. The Expert Camper has written an article that delves into the world of camping in Britain and analyses exactly how many campsites we have across the country. This analysis is based on data taken from, and gives readers an insight into Britain’s relationship with the great outdoors and how we like to spend our leisure time.

Rising popularity

Camping was first made popular in Britain during the late Victorian era, and since then camping has only gone from strength to strength. According to camping statistics provided by Condor Ferries, in 2018 no less than 1.4 million UK households tried camping for the first time, while the Great Britain Tourism Survey tells us that 15.39 million camping and caravanning trips were taken in 2015 with the total value to the economy estimated to be a whopping £2.5 billion.

More recently, the rise of motorhome and glamping holidays means that even those who were hesitant to spend the night under canvas with nothing but the basics now have a way of connecting with nature while still enjoying a few home luxuries. Camping has never been more accessible, and British people are jumping on opportunities to camp now more than ever before – with good reason.

According to The Expert Camper’s recent post, there are over 7000 campsites in the UK – that’s a pretty impressive amount! 5,452 of these sites are in England, 1,106 are in Wales, 651 are in Scotland and 75 are in Ireland. Though 2020 was obviously a difficult year with people having to stay at home rather than camp or travel, it is predicted that there will be a boom in campsite visits and staycations once most restrictions are lifted and things are seeming a little more ‘normal’. It goes without saying that, after being cooped up for so long, people are craving fresh air and freedom!

Britain and the great outdoors

The rising popularity of camping in Britain (and in other countries) is brilliant news, because camping comes with a huge range of benefits. It’s known that camping is:

  • Good for your wallet
    • Compared to travelling abroad or staying in hotels and B&Bs, camping is fairly inexpensive
  • Good for your health
    • Camping you to get out into the fresh air, away from air pollution
    • Being outdoors can help lift your mood, lowering levels of depression, stress and anxiety
  • A fun way to connect with the natural world
    • The natural world needs our respect, appreciation and protection now more than ever
    • Camping is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and discover the joys of being outdoors
  • A great way to spend quality time with friends and family
    • There’s no technology to distract you from spending quality time with your loved ones
    • You’ll find plenty to bond over during a camping trip as you create lasting memories together
  • A fantastic break from the busyness and monotony of everyday life
    • If you need some peace and quiet to get away from it all, or want to have an adventure, you can’t go wrong with a camping trip

More information

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