North Yorkshire Village Embraces the Night Sky with Innovative Dark Sky Project

In a pioneering move towards environmental conservation, the village of Hawnby in North Yorkshire has been designated as one of the first ‘dark skies friendly’ sites in England.

This accolade comes as part of an ambitious project aimed at reducing light pollution, thereby enhancing the natural beauty of the night sky for residents and visitors alike.

The initiative, spearheaded by the North York Moors National Park Authority in 2019, involves modifying outdoor lighting within the village’s homes and public spaces.

Simple yet effective measures, such as reorienting lights towards the ground, have significantly diminished light pollution, allowing the stars and constellations to shine through with breathtaking clarity.

The Milky Way above the Mexborough Estate NORTH YORK MOORS NATIONAL PARK AUTHORITY

Local resident Tom Storra, associated with Mexborough Estates, has been vocal about the transformative impact of the project on the community.

The awe-inspiring views of the night sky have not only captivated the residents but have also fostered a sense of communal pride in contributing to this environmental cause.

The ‘Dark Skies Friendly’ scheme underscores a commitment to using lighting in a more targeted and environmentally friendly manner. Mike Hawtin, the park’s Head of Nature Recovery Projects and Dark Skies lead officer, highlighted the project’s dual aim: to combat the encroachment of light pollution while preserving the tranquillity and natural beauty of the area.

To achieve the ‘dark skies friendly’ status, communities are required to ensure that at least 60% of their exterior lighting adheres to the guidelines set by the National Park. This includes conducting a mini-audit to assess current lighting setups and identify areas for improvement.

Hawnby’s successful transition into a dark skies sanctuary represents a significant step forward in environmental conservation. It serves as a shining example of how local initiatives can make a profound difference in protecting and enhancing our natural surroundings.

This project not only benefits the human residents of Hawnby by providing them with stunning nocturnal vistas but also plays a crucial role in protecting wildlife, for whom light pollution can be a source of disruption and harm. As Hawnby leads the way, it is hoped that more communities will be inspired to join the movement towards preserving the dark skies as a precious resource for future generations.

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