New Series ‘SOS: Extreme Rescues’ Features HM Coastguard in Action

Exciting news for fans of real-life rescue operations!

The new series, ‘SOS: Extreme Rescues’, is set to air, showcasing the heroic efforts of @HMCoastguard.

Viewers will witness firsthand the critical role they play in life-saving missions across Snowdonia, working in tandem with other emergency services.

Mark your calendars for the premiere on Monday, 8th January at 7pm, available on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer.

This series promises to be a gripping insight into the challenging and often perilous world of rescue operations.

Stay tuned for ‘SOS: Extreme Rescues’ and join in celebrating the unsung heroes of our emergency services.

#SOS #SOSExtremeRescues

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