Mountain volunteers rescue woman who was injured while out walking

“A woman who fell and got injured while walking near Coatham Marsh, north of Redcar, has been rescued by Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team’s volunteers on Saturday afternoon,” said a spokesperson for the team.

“The casualty was treated by a NEAS paramedic and when ready she was then carried on a mountain rescue for approximately 500 metres to a waiting ambulance for onward treatment at the hospital.”

The operation took around an hour-and-a-half and 21 volunteers were deployed, but some were stood down on their way.

The team used a new ‘stretcher wheel’ for the first time, which made it easier for the volunteers to carry the casualty over a long distance.

“The wheel helps to provide a smoother experience for casualties and eases the physical strain on team members especially over long distances,” the spokesperson added.

“The volunteer rescuers wished the casualty well for her recovery.”

Team helping the woman: Image Source: Cleveland Mountain Rescue

In other news, the team will be supporting 125 walkers and runners taking part in the Whalebones Walk from Whitby to Marske to raise funds for the rescue organization.

“Team members will be providing support along the route,” the spokesperson said.

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