Mountain Rescue Team Saves Dog and Owner from Life-Threatening Situation at Peak District Beauty Spot

A team of mountain rescuers have been hailed as heroes after they saved a stranded dog and its owner from a dangerous situation at the picturesque Kinder Downfall in the Peak District.

On Thursday, April 29th, the Kinder Mountain Rescue Team (KMRT) received a call-out for an “unusual” situation involving a dog who had become trapped on a ledge at Kinder Downfall. The dog walker had attempted to rescue her pet for three hours but to no avail, and was at risk of hypothermia due to the poor weather conditions.

“We were asked to assist a dog walker whose dog had become stuck on a ledge at Kinder Downfall,” said a spokesperson for the KMRT. “The lady had spent three hours trying to retrieve the dog herself, without success, so called for help. We were able to deploy a fast party to locate the lady and dog and assess the situation.”

Image source: Kinder MRT

The situation was dire, as the spokesperson added, “The weather was poor, and the lady was extremely cold – she may not have survived the night without our intervention.”

After carefully assessing the situation, the KMRT decided to initiate a full rope rescue operation to save the stranded dog. Due to the low cloud base, helicopters were unavailable, so the team had to carry significant equipment to the site and rig it up.

Thankfully, the KMRT were able to rescue the dog, along with the lady and three other dogs. All were safely walked down to the base, with the entire call-out lasting seven hours and ending at 3 am.

The KMRT spokesperson said, “Happily, we were able to retrieve the dog. The lady, rescued dog and another three dogs were all walked down to the safety of our base. The team retreated to bed at around 3.00am after an epic seven-hour call-out.”

The dedication and bravery of the KMRT is truly remarkable, and this rescue serves as a reminder of the vital work that they do to protect and save lives in the UK’s mountainous regions.

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