Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service reminder about BBQs

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have posted a reminder about the temptation of barbecues but the danger they bring.

A spokesperson said “This is a reminder to never light a disposable barbecue on moorland, at the beach, or anywhere they’re not allowed.”

This is because as the moorland dries out, there is an increased risk to wildfires, which as well as potentially risking people’s homes and businesses (especially farmers), it uses up vital emergency services crews and can have a massive impact on the local wildlife.

If we have summers like last year where temperatures peak over 40 degrees then the ground will be incredibly dry. But even a normal summer where we have a few weeks of dry weather, the ground can dry out pretty quickly.

The fire service said “Use them only where it’s safe to do so, and extinguish them thoroughly by submerging them in water after cooking.”

“It’s safest to leave disposable barbecues for 24 hours so they’re completely cool before binning them”

After all you don’t want to be responsible for wild fire however small just by not following a few simple rules.

Even if you think its safe, we would advise to raise the barbecue off the ground, a few rocks can easily do this and build a rock wall around to stop any fire spreading if the worst does happen.

Having a bucket of water nearby is also recommended.

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