Killin Mountain Rescue Team Safely Rescues Missing Hikers from Stuc a’ Chroi

On Saturday night, the Killin Mountain Rescue Team was called to assist in the search for missing hikers on Stuc a’ Chroin. The team was alerted by Police Scotland Forth Valley and quickly mobilized to locate the individuals.

After a thorough search of the area, both hikers were found and safely escorted down the mountain. The team took to social media to announce the successful rescue mission, stating, “Callout21/23 for the team on Saturday night. We were alerted by Police Scotland Forth Valley of missing people on Stuc a’ Chroin. Both located and safely escorted from the hill.”

Image Source: Killin Mountain Rescue Team

The Killin Mountain Rescue Team is comprised of highly skilled volunteers who are dedicated to providing search and rescue services to those in need.

They work tirelessly to ensure the safety of hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts who may find themselves in difficult situations while exploring the rugged Scottish terrain.

The team’s quick response and successful rescue of the missing hikers is a testament to their training and expertise.

The Killin Mountain Rescue Team urges hikers to always be prepared when venturing into the Scottish hills and to contact emergency services immediately if they find themselves lost or in danger.

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