Keswick Mountain Rescue Team Assists Walkers on Blencathra’s Sharp Edge

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team responded to their 37th incident of the year when two well-equipped walkers found themselves in a precarious position while descending Sharp Edge from Blencathra. The rock on the edge becomes dangerously slippery when wet, and spells of rain had transformed the rock into a more hazardous state. The walkers had reached an awkward sloping slab and decided to call for help rather than risk a fall.

Keswick team, along with members of RAF Leeming, made their way to the top of Sharp Edge and lowered team members down to the stranded walkers. The team then roped the walkers up to safety and walked them off the mountain, giving them a lift to their car.

Image Source: Keswick Mountain Rescue

The incident highlights the importance of caution and safety when venturing onto mountains, even when well-equipped. The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team reminds walkers to be prepared for changing weather conditions and the potential hazards of mountain terrain.

“We would like to remind walkers to be cautious and prepared when venturing onto mountains. It’s important to check the weather forecast, have the appropriate gear and equipment, and have a plan in case of an emergency,” said a spokesperson for Keswick Mountain Rescue Team.

The team also expressed their gratitude to RAF Leeming MRT for their assistance in what was a long and challenging night on the mountain.

“It’s great to have the support of other mountain rescue teams. We would like to thank RAF Leeming MRT for their help and assistance in ensuring a safe outcome for these walkers,” added the spokesperson.

Total time spent on the rescue was 5 hours and 20 minutes, with 13 team members and 4 RAF Leeming MRT personnel involved.

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